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 Chat-Box rules

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Akiri Fuuma
Akiri Fuuma

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PostSubject: Chat-Box rules   Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:04 pm

these are the rules of the chat box. If you dont follow the rules it will result in a kick or ban.

1. if you want to post pics, post them in spoilers. doing so will result in a kick.

2. do NOT stretch the chat box. doing so will result in a kick.

3. When an Admin or Mod tells you to do something you are expected to follow.

4. All users (Admins and Mods included) must be nice to other users (except for those of you in Akatsuki or whose Canon is meanish (Ie. Orochimaru)).


if you die in the Chat Box you automatically respawn. also in the C-Box... you can GM!
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Chat-Box rules
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