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Find your Destiny whether its join the Akatsuki or become the Kage of your village
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Akiri Fuuma
Akiri Fuuma

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Tue Aug 25, 2009 7:52 pm

All rules must be followed without question. Not obeying them will result in a ban.

1.Everyone must obey each other (this means EVERY ONE).

2. the Kage spots are first come first serve until all spots are filled.

3. DO NOT GodMod

~ try to be as descriptive as possible. the more descriptive the post is the better it will serve.
try to have posts like this:

Ai takes out two kunai and points them at the enemy ahead of her. "You end here." In an instant, she runs towards her enemy swinging both kunai rapidly in front of her as she prepares to take a slash at him/her.

You dont nececarily have to post like that ... you can post with action marks as well (Ie. *~([ etc. w/e works for you...).

Just make sure it's descriptive and easy to understand. We don't want to see posts like this:

*runs up and slahses his head off before he can even move* HA so thats how its gonna end huh? <--- MAJOR GodModding

With finishers you can auto-hit, but both have to agree on the outcome or it has to try and be dodged/blocked. If disagreed upon pm a mod to handle the fight outcome. They will determine who wins/loses.

When battling: You are given 2 days to reply to a battle. If not, you forfeit. This is so battles don't die and the other person is never declared winner.

And finally~ don't have a senseless and pointless argument over who GodModded and who won!!! The mods/admins will decide that so just RP and have fun =)
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Forum Rules
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