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 Kumosora Clan

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PostSubject: Kumosora Clan   Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:53 pm

Name of Clan: Kumosora Clan

Name of Bloodline(Kekkei Genkai): Will of Darkness - For those completely evil their eyes go completely black and reflects all the users individual elements within them when activated. In this state they have access to extremely powerful jutsu and are immune to all form of genjutsu except those of the sharingan. For those with split personalities their eyes only show a reflection of their elements unless the evilside is in control. When the good side is in charge they only are immune to genjutsu B rank and below.

This look of the bloodline changes for all personalities when it is completely mastered. The eyes remains all black but do not reflect the users elements, instead it reveals a crimson iris. Looking deep withing the iris you see normal white flames, then when the user is angry the flames become a blazing white inferno.

Name of members: Kyoshiro Kumosora, Kaisui Kumosora

History: The Kumosora Clan is a clan long descended from the Uchiha Clan that has been mutated greatly over time. This bloodline can only be awakened by a member of the Kumosora going through an ordeal so traumatizing that it breaks their mind, forever shattering the person they once were. Upon the member of the clan losing their mind the bloodline slowly begins to awaken within them. For those who the bloodline begins to awaken in they experience different changes in personality. The different changes in personalities within clan members effects some of the abilities of the bloodline as while members may have some abilities in common some would different because of the different personality changes. Some members like Kaisui may suffer a split in personality while others like Kyoshiro may experience a shift in personality. Depending on the individual and the type of personality change they experience a tattoo may appear on a different part of their body signifying the change their personality went through. In Kaisui's case the tattoo of a graveyard appears on his entire back. What makes this tattoo signify his changes is that it has a bolt of lightning streaking through the graveyard at an angle, on one side of the bolt of lightning shows a brightness shining down on the graves through an opening in a cloudy sky while underneath the graves lies pure darkness. On the otherside of the lightning bolt shows demonic white flames rising from underneath the graves bathing them in a soft unholy glow as a shroud of pure darkness rains down on them. As for Kyoshiro's it's a tower of darkness surrounded by complete darkness that you only know is there because of the icy glow outlining it on his upper right arm.

The users of this bloodline possess tailed demon level chakra and stamina pools. However all though they posses tailed demon level chakra pools, it isn't as potent meaning as powerful as the tailed demons but it is more potent than that of normal for humans. Members of this bloodline usually have split second fast reaction time to almost anything, sharper sense when detecting chakra, and are naturally as fast as Rock Lee after releasing the fifth gate. Their physical strength and intelligence is also impressive. Because of this, they usually excel in kenjutsu, taijutsu and ninjutsu. For those of this bloodline who possess a split personality, their skill level as well as chakra pools grow slightly larger when they switch from good to evil. (Ex: Say Kaisui has a chakra pool of six tails worth in total, then while his good personality is in control he can only access up to three tails worth. Now if his evil side was to take over he'd then be able to access all six tails worth.) Those with a shift in personality would be able to access all tails worth of chakra in their evil state. (remember our chakra is not as strong as the tail demons though we could probably fight the weakest of the tailed demons to a near standstill)

The disadvantages of this bloodline for those with split personalities is that without proper control of the shifting btw personality, the shifting becomes random and while this maybe a good thing if your goodside was in control at the start of a battle, if you evil side was in control and a shift was to occure it would provide the enemy with twenty second window where the user would suffer a dizzy spell as they lose all access to their chakra for that time frame and even if they gain control of their shifting they still suffer the dizzy spell and twenty second loss of chakra which sometimes can prove fatal if the user isn't skilled enough to battle even when dizzy. For those who become completely evil they may become possesed by their own power which may either destroy them if they ever suffer a moments weakness or cause them to overestimate their abilities which can prove fatal.

Location: This clan, originated from Demon Country but left in order to pursue more power and some other unknown reasons that may be revealed in the future

Clan Symbol:

Clan Abilities: Clan excels mostly at Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu

Elements: All members possess the element of darkness, though the bloodline may give them their own personal element unique only to them depending on how they awakened the bloodline. Users may posses the normal chakra affinities as well tho more than one of it is rare.

Extras: The users of this bloodline are all protected from the sharingan's ability to copy jutsu though sharingan users can still affect them with genjutsu whether their eyes are active or not. Also they don't need their eyes activated to access all their chakra.
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PostSubject: Re: Kumosora Clan   Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:09 pm

Clan Kenjutsu

Summoned Swords
Type: Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: B and above depending on the amount of swords summoned
Range: All ranges
Users: Kyoshiro and Kaisui
Description: By charging chakra in to a sword the user could then summon chakra based replicas of that sword and use them to attack or defend themself. The more chakra the user uses for this technique the more swords the user can summon. When being used for attack purposes the user can either summon them around themself and blast them at their target or they can summon them around their target and then blast it at them.(Note the target can still dodge this if they act quickly.) If used for defense purposes the swords would rotate around the user while also forming an invisible barrier around the user for a limited time.(last only three post provided the user doesn't dispell it.)

Judgement Cut
Type: Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: A to S (depends on the amount of ords unleashed)
Range: All ranges
Users: Kyoshiro
Description: By first charging a small amount of chakra into a sword and then unsheathing it at blinding speeds, the user is able to cut down opponent both far and close by unleashing a volley of dimension orbs that slices up anything it touches.The amount of orbs unleashed depends on the skill of the user. If the user is skilled enough once the amount of orbs unleashed passes four the user would disappear into the orbs to add to the cutting and destructive power of this technique. Note this technique can still be avoid but it would take some extreme skill on the part of the opponent to dodges this attack.

Slash Dimension
Type: Kenjutsu/Ninjutsu
Rank: A to S (depending on its color. bluish-white is A rank and redish-black is S)
Range: All ranges
Users: Kaisui
Description: By first charging a small amount of chakra into a sword and then unsheathing it at blinding speeds, the user is able to cut through dimensional barriers unleashing a vortex of destruction when brought into existence away from the user and a slicing cyclone when the user is its place of origin. Note this technique can still be avoid but it would take some extreme skill on the part of the opponent to dodges this attack.

Clan Genjutsu

Name: Death's Grip
Type: Genjutsu
Rank: A
User: Kumosora Clan
Description : This genjutsu is a powerful genjutsu capable of fooling its victim's in to believing they are suffocating and if they aren't skilled and strong enough to break it on their own or have anyone to free them it can kill them .This jutsu is activated one in two ways. One way the Kumosora preforms this jutsu is thru eye contact using their Bloodline to boost the jutsu' power and the other is by charging lightning around their fist while open and pointing out towards their opponent and slowly closing their hand in a choking manner. Note this jutsu is extremely hard to detect because it usually activated in the heat of battle.

Clan Ninjutsu

Name: Akasui: Raising Darkness
Type: Ninjutsu
User: Kumosora Clan (those that can use the void element)
Description: Akasui uses the void element. It creates a vacuum in space to warp things targeted with it into another dimension, Akasui summons a realm of pure darkness into a given area that entrap both its victim and user in darkness that only its user can see through and uses its victims chakra to eat them alive. This realm fades away once the user either dispells it or it serves its purpose.

Note: that this jutsu only kills you with your own chakra if you try to use your chakra to fight back. Otherwise the darkness just holds you in place and the user could either kill you another way or release you if he chooses to.

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PostSubject: Re: Kumosora Clan   Tue Feb 02, 2010 9:00 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Kumosora Clan   

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Kumosora Clan
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